With most things, buying expensive doesn’t always guarantee quality. But neither does cheap mean that it will be poor quality. However with disco’s, many of the better discos and DJ’s will charge a little more than the ‘cheap’ discos as they will have a proven track record. Bookings are secured with contracts, deposits and back-up plans to ensure that they do arrive at your function to entertain you. Not all but some of the cheaper discos are uninsured, their electrical equipment is not tested for safety and do not declare their earning to the tax man. Many do not reinvest in making sure that they provide the best service for their clients and thus cannot guarantee the higher quality service. A sweeping statement? Maybe, but one I hear from my clients who have either hired or know friends who have hired cheap discos in the past and were disappointed with what was provided.

This does not mean that paying extortionate prices means the disco is going to be the best. A balance should be reached. The disco should have a social media foot print, have positive reviews, and current photographs. Clarity in their terms & conditions, willingness to work with the client, to offer support and advice to help guide them to making sure that their event is the best possible.


‘So why the post, what’s your point?’ I hear you ask. Well, the question you have to ask is this, are you willing to trust one of the most important days of your life or a ‘once in a life time’ event, to a really cheap priced disco to save a few bob. Secure the services of a person you trust after speaking to them, asking around and checking them out. Hire wisely and then you will be safe in the knowledge that your event will be heading a long way towards being a success.