PLI & PAT Documents

Why should you hire someone with Public Liability Insurance & certified, tested electrical equipment?

In this day and age of Health & Safety awareness, many venues will not allow an artist to perform without evidence of not only Public Liability Insurance but also proof that any electrical equipment used by the artist has been tested and certified as passing a PAT test.

Without both, many people have found themselves disco-less on the night of their special occasion when the DJ has been refused access to set-up and play when they cannot show they have the necessary documents needed by the venue.

Thankfully, that is something that you do not need to worry about with AJC Entertainments as we are covered with £10,000,000 worth of Public Liability Insurance and also yearly PAT certified tested equipment. Yes, it costs to have this sort of thing but we feel that it is our responsibility to make sure that we never put our clients in this very unfortunate and unnecessary position.

You can click here to see our certificate of Public Liability Insurance.

You can click here to see our PAT Certificate.